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The following are samples of my beat reporting for Medill News Service. I covered Illinois' 10th Congressional District and Chicago transportation.

Congressional Gridlock is Key Focus for 10th District Race

Voters in the 10th Congressional District have made it clear they're fed up with what they see as bickering and party politics in Washington. In response, U.S. Rep Robert Dold (R-Kenilworth) and Democratic challenger Brad Schneider have made legislative gridlock a principal theme in their campaigns..

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Access to taxis expands, but people with disabilities say more needs to be done

Accessible Taxi Demonstration

Many people can catch a cab by simply hailing one from a busy street. For people with disabilities, the task is much more complicated.

Marca Bristo is the president and CEO of Access Living, a Chicago nonprofit disability rights organization. As a wheelchair user, Bristo has to call the city's centralized dispatch service and request an accessible cab. But this system is inconsistent and flawed, she said.

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Are "dooring" reports on the decline?

Although hundreds of doorings occur in the city each year, reliable figures are hard to come by. Analyzing exactly how widespread such collisions are in Chicago is a challenge, according to state transportation officials and bicycling groups, because dooring data has only been collected in Illinois for less than two years.

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About Vince

I specialize in using digital and print media to communicate with mass audiences.

I earned a master's degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 2013. My focus was interactive publishing.

I am currently the data visualization reporter at Eater. My mission is to use my skill set to help a forward-thinking news media organization succeed in the modern age.

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